Brutal techno death metal

The band from Lviv city AMBIVALENCE is the veteran of Ukrainian death metal. The band began its brutal art even in 2001. The band has two full-length albums, some quantity of demos a lots of gigs and two Ukrainian tours together with Polish progressive deathsters ESQARIAL and Russian band RAINWILL. In 2004 the band has released the debut album «The Splinters» at label Magik Art Entertainment from Rostov-city. The band which has choosen the term “ambivalence” as a name couldn’t play an ordinary music. It’s genre is technical death moderately brutal moderately melodic combined with prog-death riffs and parts of cosmo-psychedelic keyboards getting the atmosphere of unbearableness and darkness. The musical genre of AMBIVALENCE continually turned from classcal techno death metal up to brutal death/grind. The second full-length album was recorded and released the same label 2006. It was the same well-known brutal techno death metal equally brutal and technical and pleasant as for fans of brutal-gore as for intellectual connoisseurs of musical-math researches.
«After two released albums the band has got some quality of fans who prefer dangerously complicated death-metal. Hypertensive patients with deadly sneezing nuclear riffs from Carpathian mountains almost a year and a half have worked on the third CD «Silicone Magic». And now the material for the third full length album has recorded, mixed, mastered… Shaggy tongue of exited creators has licked eight delisious tracks up to mirror glance. AMBIVALENCE from Lviv don’t want to follow the mainstream eager to destroy the limits of consciousness and spit upon any musical rules. The band combines (with the really good production quality) neojazz piano improvisations with vocal pig-squeal, ordinary US way brutal death riffs with light synthetic polyphnism… The wet of diligence band with the head of the founder, the mother of the band, guitar player and the author of the most tracks Marina has destroyed all the bases of standard brutal compositions by hand. Bizarre death metal? Maybe this definition is quite simple……»

Pavel Glumin (FATAL FORUM Magazine)

Marina SHCHERBAKOVA – guitar
Armen OGANESYAN – bass
Yuriy GUSAK – vocal
Mykhailo DUDYCH – drums
Dmitriy REIHTMAN – drums

Ambivalence, Demo, 2001
No Words Left, Demo, 2002
The Splinters CD, 2004 Magik Art Entertainment
Pornomechanoid, Promo, 2005
Pornomechanoid CD, 2006 Magik Art Entertainment


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