Old school brutal death/grind

Divultion band is formed in June, 2005. The main purpose of band’s formation is the wish to perform music and to realize creative urges within the frames of brutal death metal with grindcore smell. The original line-up is as follows: Alexander Zaitsev (guitar), Maxim Izikilyev (bass), Alexander Prokofyev (drums), Alexander Martynov(vocals).
In the beginning of 2008 the first demo (DEMOralization) is recorded.

Right after that the band begins working at new songs, which radically differ from what Divultion played before. The band finds its own style and has a clear vision of the direction of further development. The recording of the debut album begins in 2009. The album making process takes about one year of recording plus 3 months of mixing. The work at “The End of Humanity” album, which includes eight songs and coda, is finished in 2010.
The band is significantly influenced by such monsters as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Cryptopsy. The style of the debut album is brutal death metal.
In October of 2010 band signs the release-contracts for “The End of Humanity” with independent russian labels More Hate productions and Gormageddon productions. At the moment Divultion keeps on its development and works at new songs for the second album.


Drums: Alexander Prokofiev
Guitar: Alexander Zaitsev
Vocals: Anton Rosovskij
Bass: Andrey Hutter


  • «DEMOralizaiotn». – demo (2008)
  • «The End of Humanity» (2011) – More Hate Productions/ Gormageddon Productions


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