Infectious Catheter Therapy has started as one man band in January 2007. After uploading in internet the demo «The Spoilt Donor Organs» the bang has got numerable positive reviews from goregrind fans. The founder of the band Begigore has decided do not stop on it and began to compose new songs and seek for musicians for gigs. 2008 year was interesting with arrival of guitar player Alex and bass player Smack. The new line-up recorded a demo «Fear and Loathing in Kurgan», this time some elements of slamming brutal death were added to the music, later the band got a habit to mix features of different genres to goregrind. These two demos were released as 3` cd-r by the label Сore records. In 2009 the band took part in different compilations, also the drummer Michael join the band. Tjgether they’ve decided to record full-length album and «Incredible Stories From Daily Human’s Life» came into the world. The release of this album was delayed and the band being in awaiting recorded some more songs for split with Ukrainian band PAINFUL DEFLORATION which was released in 2010 году by Belgian label Bloody Lips records. At least the album » Incredible Stories From Daily Human’s Life » was released by sublabel of Stygan Crypt Productions – Gormaggedon Productions.
This work also has experimental features: the goregrind mixed with trance and 8-bit synthesizers. It is the reason to dance and shake your asses. CD-Cover was made by famous death metal artist Tony Koehl (Waking The Cadaver, Black Dahlia Murder, Putrid Pile). All layout was made by russian artist Smerdulak (Arcanar, Inexist). This album is the example of modern unusual goregrind for all fans of true ultrabrutal and unusual music.

Begigore – Vocals
Alex – Guitars
Smack – Bass, samples
Michael – Drums


  • 2007 – The Spoilt Donor Organs (unreleased demo)
  • 2008 – VA – METALXHEAD: Putrid Tunes (CD SoulFlesh Collector)
  • 2009 – VA – Coyote Records Samplers Two 2009 (CD Coyote Records)
  • 2009 – Fear and Loathing in Kurgan / The Spoilt Donor Organs (3″ CDr, Core records)
  • 2010 – SPLIT CD w/PAINFUL DEFLORATION (Bloody Lips records)
  • 2010 – Full Length CD » Incredible Stories From Daily Human’s Life » (Gormaggedon prod.)


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