Brutal techno death metal

Starting in January 1999, INFESTED BLOOD plays Brutal Death Metal and has been always seeking to achieve the extreme of speed and brutality. Having influences of bands that goes from the 80-s till the more actual bands like: SLAYER, SUFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL, DEEDS OF FLESH, DISGORGE, the INFESTED BLOOD seeks the evolution of Brutal Death Metal. Bringing the culture of violence and the insanity of the infernal human mind in it’s lyrics. After many concerts in Pernambuco state and other concerts through the northeast of Brazil, including two opening acts to KRISIUN 1999/2000, INFESTED BLOOD records it’s first demo CD “Brutality in Extrems”, which had the support of the specialized magazines and the national underground scene. After the release of the demo CD, INFESTED BLOOD plays beside INCANTATION 05/19/2001 and REBAELLIUN 08/06/2001. After the recordings of the debut album, INFESTED BLOOD plays beside VADER in 12/21/2002. In 2003, the band releases the debut “The Masters of Grotesque” which is a product showing the professional growth of the band since the demo CD, showing even more heaviness, speed and brutality than ever! With the debut release concert in the April Pro Rock – one of the biggest rock festivals in Brazil, the debut album impressed all brutal death fans in Brazil and other countries. In 2005, INFESTED BLOOD recorded the second CD entitled “Tribute to Apocalypse”, that after a waiting of more than one year for the label, the band’s second album is released in February 2007. “Tribute to Apocalypse” is the trophy of the death of humanity, which destroys itself in it’s own fire. Composed of hymns dedicated to the extreme of brutal, with a violence in new school style. During the long wait for the release of the second CD, in the year of 2006, INFESTED BLOOD finishes the compositions of the third album, and is preparing to enter studio to record the follow up the massacre. The third CD is entitled «Interplanar Decimation».
In Summer 2008 the band’s got a deal about reedition of two previously issued albums and about new album’ release with the new special subdivision of Stygian Crypt productions – Gormageddon productions. Both albums include bonus video. In September 2008 the band began to record «Interplanar Decimation».


Cristiano Alexandre – Vocals
Diego Araújo – Guitars
Carlos Eduardo – Bass
Beto Santos – Drums


  • Brutality In Extrems, Demo, 2000
  • Master Of Grotesque CD, 2003 Blackout Discos
  • Tribute to Apocalypse CD, 2007 Blackout Discos
  • Tribute to Apocalypse CD, (re-issue), 2008 Gormageddon
  • The Master Of Grotesque CD, (re-issue), 2009 Gormageddon
  • Interplanar Decimation CD 2009 Gormageddon


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