NIHIL OBSTAT «Disintegration» 2010

MUSIC STYLE: Brutal death metal
FORMAT: CD (31:21)

Interval 1: In the age of perdition
1. Inception (An imitation of life)
2. Deconstructive Theory
3. Monolith of Lies (Confinement of the flesh)

Interval 2: Samples of human acrimony
4. Disintegration (Chronic Biological Dysfunction)
5. Threshold
6. Turbulence of Primary Forces
7. Unleash the Anger

Interval 3 : The defective and the iniquitous
8. Misanthropic Dysfunction
9. Vexated Syndrome (Nature of the matter)
10. Irrationality
11. Of equations and things (T.D.E.B.C.S)

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